Breaking news:Woods revealed his own brand earlier this year 

Breaking news:Woods revealed his own brand earlier this year 

That will be his decision,” Blankinship told Front Office Sports. “For now, he’s put out there that that’s in his past and he’s ready to move forward. So, I would say time will tell and it will be Tiger’s decision.” As mentioned by the brand’s president, Woods has played down the possibility of ever sporting the former logo he shared with Nike.

“I don’t want it back,” Woods said of the TW emblem in following the launch of his new brand in February. “I’ve moved on. This is a transition in my life. I’ve moved on to Sun Day Red, and we’re looking forward to building a brand that elicits excitement and is transformative.”

The report also revealed that any decision to sponsor other professional golfers moving forward would also be made by Woods. When it comes to logos, the 82-time PGA Tour winner is keen to ‘ruin’ his latest as he chases down a 16th major championship. “So the logo is a tiger, it’s a simple thing,” he told the Today Show.

“It’s nice and clean, but there is some representation of what I have done in my career. If you look at the stripes, there are 15 stripes, and as you alluded to earlier I’ve won 15 major championships. My goal is to ruin the logo. I want to keep ruining the logo. If the trademark is this, my job is to ruin it.”

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