SAD NEWS 😞 as Rory McIlroy issues six-word terrible response following his divorce bombshell, watch full (video)

SAD NEWS 😞 as Rory McIlroy issues six-word terrible response following his divorce bombshell, watch full (video)

Rory McIlroy’s spouse has already taken off her extravagant engagement ring subsequent to initiating divorce proceedings against Rory McIlroy. However, she was observed still adorning her wedding ring on Wednesday.

Erica Stoll made her first public appearance since the news of her sudden divorce broke. This was the first time she was seen since officially filing for separation. It was reported that her engagement ring, which Rory McIlroy gave her in 2015, was worth $650,000 (£512,500). However, despite their marriage, they have decided to end their relationship after seven years.

Erica was spotted attending a Pilates class in Jupiter, Florida, on Wednesday. When approached by a reporter from the Daily Mail, she chose not to comment. Interestingly, she still had a band on her finger, which is believed to be her wedding ring. It seems that she is honoring their agreement to keep wearing it until the divorce is finalized.

McIlroy has faced a challenging week as he prepares for the PGA Championship on Thursday. His communications team has requested that reporters in Louisville, Kentucky, show respect. However, McIlroy remains determined and stated that he is fully prepared to compete in this week’s tournament. It is worth noting that he emerged victorious in this major event back in 2014.

McIlroy has experienced a blend of emotions lately, triumphing at the Wells Fargo Championship last weekend while simultaneously dealing with challenging personal circumstances in preparation for the PGA Championship. Court documents recorded in Palm Beach County confirm that their marriage is now irreparably damaged.

McIlroy and Stoll tied the knot in 2017 and welcomed their daughter, Poppy Kennedy, in 2020. They first crossed paths at the Ryder Cup in 2012, where she was working for the PGA that organizes the event.

Back then, McIlroy was in a relationship with tennis player Caroline Wozniacki, but they called it quits in May 2014 after three years together. He had proposed to the Danish tennis star on New Year’s Eve in 2013.

McIlroy expressed that the issue lies with him, as the wedding invitations served as a realization that he was not prepared for the responsibilities that come with marriage. He extended his wishes for Caroline’s happiness and expressed gratitude for the enjoyable moments they shared.

Interestingly, this announcement coincided with the PGA Championship, yet McIlroy chose not to withdraw from the competition. Instead, he dedicated his full attention to golf, emphasizing his desire to focus on the tournament and perform to the best of his abilities. In 2014, he further mentioned that he had been playing well and in good form.

I’m eager to jump right in and stay occupied to make this week on the course a good one. I won’t sugarcoat it – it’s going to be tough. However, once I step onto the course, I’ll focus on the task at hand.

Despite ending his engagement with Wozniacki, McIlroy emerged as the winner of the competition, and it still stands as his most recent major victory. His relationship with Stoll began a year later, but once again, McIlroy will be left with mixed emotions from a PGA Championship

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