“The superstar out there breaking his back, literally, shoveling gravel” – How building a new driveway for his mom was the beginning of the end for Larry Bird

Bird started battling a bad back right at that time.
As the spectators of the game, it’s always tough to witness our favorite players battle injuries, and for Boston Celtics fans, that pain was palpable when Larry Bird struggled with a bad back in the latter part of his career. Some might think the three-time MVP’s problems started on the court, but that’s not the case. Instead, when he decided to personally install a new driveway for his mother, he began experiencing severe back pain. Byrd’s doctors knew this was the beginning of the end
In 1985, Bird’s mother needed to travel again, so despite Bird’s celebrity status, the 12-time All-Star decided to take on the job personally. This turned out to be a fateful decision. In a YouTube video, his orthopedic surgeon, Dan Dyrek, explained how the physical stress of this activity put the Boston Celtics in a world of pain.

“Larry decided to do it himself,” Direk said. \ “Larry Berd, a superstar, he breaks his back, literally cut with gravel. And it was the beginning of the process. \”

From that moment, Indiana athletics on the ground has not sufficiently weakened a sharp decrease. Direk explained that Bird’s back often moved into awkward positions as he tried to gain stability. Larry Legend temporarily dealt with the pain and allowed himself to participate on set for a short period of time, but the underlying problem persisted. Beld himself realized that every time he went to court, he could worsen the pain and potentially cause irreparable damage to his body.

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