PGA 2024 championship: why John Daily can go to Golf Golf in Valhalla, but his shopping cart should wear his clubs

While many big golfs blow and blow around the Valhalla Golf Club, designed by Jack Niclaus, this week, John Daily will travel along a golf house. No show represents the PGA championship better than JD to switch on-in-in-ramardard, when it increases the fairways with Caddy launches Oda, beating behind him, the trailer clubs. As in past years, Daly is allowed to use a cart because his arthritis prevents him from walking more than six holes on the course. This is allowed under the Americans with Disabilities Act and has always been done in this major for Daley since his black at Bethpage in 2019. “I hope the fans don’t give me any grief,” Daley said at the time. “My knee is damaged. My meniscus has torn. I have quite severe osteoarthritis… You can go up a hill, but you can’t go down it.

“Everything [stinks]. When you are in Florida, you will receive a disability sticker. It’s embarrassing. However, after six holes, my entire knee swells and I can’t walk.

Daly became the first player to do a cartwheel in a major tournament since Casey Martin in 2012 (and 1998). Martin had Klippel-Trenaunay-Weber syndrome, a degenerative circulatory disorder that obstructs blood flow from his right leg to his heart. It took a Supreme Court trial for Martin to finally be allowed to use the car on tour.

Although Daly’s application for a golf cart has been “reviewed and approved” by the PGA, he must follow several restrictions. For example, a player is not allowed to drive a trolley unless a player can ride with his bag and the tournament officials are allowed.

In 2019, Tiger Woods was asked by JD PGA Joyrides, and he was a little loving snark. “JD rides a cart. Well, I was walking around with a broken leg,” Woods said, referring to his inexplicable 2008 U.S. Open win. The 58-year-old Daly shot 11-over during his Thursday opening round, so it’s going to take a lot of work for him to ride his golf cart into the weekend. Nevertheless, the man gets to zoom around Valhalla with his looper dragging along. Such a great way to spend a weekday.

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