Controversial Tracy McGrady Shooters Top 5 List

Tracy McGrady recently sparked controversy when he announced his list of the five greatest shooters in NBA history. His selections included Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Mark Price, Craig Hodges, and Reggie Miller. These players are definitely amazing shooters, but McGradadi excluded two legendary names, Layalen and Rally Belld. This is especially surprising, considering Allen’s long reputation as one of the best shooting games I’ve seen so far. Ray Allen’s omission is particularly confusing. Before exceeding it in 2021, Allen had an NBA record in most of the three manufactured points and had an impressive 2,973 with a clip of 2,973 to 40.0 %. Allen’s shooting prowess was so well known that even Curry, considered the greatest shooter of all time, recognized Allen’s skills. Considering these accomplishments, many believe Allen should be among the top five shooters, making McGrady’s decision to leave him off the list highly controversial. The selection of McGrady’s Craig Hodges and Mark Price emphasizes underestimated sharp shooters, but may not measure Allen’s legendary status. Hodges, a winner of three three -point contests, and Price, a 40.2 % 3 -point shooter, itself decerived. However, their accomplishments in the larger context of NBA history may not rival those of Allen or even Bird, who, despite not being as prolific as a three-point shooter, were known for their agility and versatility.

If changes were made to McGrady’s roster, Ray Allen would likely be in contention for one of those spots along with Curry, Thompson and Miller. As for the final ranking, it will be difficult to judge. Bird has a strong case, but Damian Lillard’s superior range and clutch skills make him a compelling choice. Lillard’s ability to consistently hit deep threes could revolutionize the game and replace other candidates for the coveted No. 5 spot. Like it or not, McGrady’s list has certainly reignited the debate about the best shooters in NBA history.

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