2024 PGA Championship: Xander Schauffele apparently didn’t know this PGA rule (but that ultimately doesn’t matter)

After February’s Super Bowl, some members of the San Francisco 49ers admitted they were unaware of the NFL’s new overtime rule for playoff games. Although it probably had no bearing on the outcome of the game, as the Kansas City Chiefs won by a touchdown on their second possession of overtime, the topic became a popular topic on sports talk shows in the days that followed. Three months after the Super Bowl LIV, golf has watched his own LIV-PGA tour with overtime with PGA championships. And, of course, it sounds as if one of the potential participants did not know what the format was. Xander Schauffele finished the regulation tournament by clicking in a six -foot sneaktepted putt winning on the 18th hole. But in several interviews afterwards, he indicated that he was not aware of the eliminatory format of the PGA championship. \ “If I didn’t have this blow, I think I was probably a little patient person. 18. It’s going to be a lot of work. I just said to myself: This is my chance, please take it.

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