Unbelievable 🤣4,400 miles away, Xander Schauffele’s dad celebrated from a shipping container…for more details 👇

Unbelievable 🤣
4,400 miles away, Xander Schauffele’s dad celebrated from a shipping container…for more details 👇

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — After his putt fell and his arms raised, after he hugged his wife and signed his scorecard and took the first of ten thousand photos, after he struck the final blow that slayed the dragon, Xander Schauffele had a moment of stillness to do something important.

He called his dad.

Stefan Schauffele has been a fixture on Tour Xander’s entire career, known as much for his iconic look — he strolls the fairways wearing a linen shirt, straw hat and mischievous grin — as for his role as his son’s lifelong swing coach. He’s always been there. But in recent months he’s been there slightly less. And he wasn’t here. So when Xander reached him by phone, Stefan was bawling. And then Xander, among golf’s famous flatliners, started to cry, too.

“I told him I had to hang up,” he said later. The newly minted PGA Champion was about to take more photos, after all. “I couldn’t show up looking like the way I was.”

THERE WAS A MOMENT where Schauffele’s major hopes stood on the edge of a knife.

He’d begun Sunday’s final round tied for the lead and then played clutch, inspired golf on his opening nine, holing a series of clutch putts en route to a four-under 31. Suddenly he was ahead by two. But when he made a bogey at the gettable par-5 10th while the chase pack made birdies up ahead, that lead vanished. His chance at his first major swung from feeling likely to decidedly precarious.

Some 4,400 miles away from Valhalla Golf Club, the man who has helped architect every step of Xander’s golfing life wasn’t watching. But he was on his way. The back nine meant it was time to head down the hill to find a TV.

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