Brutal breaking:Golf Channel analysts irate after Jon Rahm comments as…..

Brutal breaking:Golf Channel analysts irate after Jon Rahm comments as…..

Jon Rahm took exception to a reporter’s insinuation. In turn, a panel of Golf Channel analysts took exception to his exception.

At his pre-tournament press conference Tuesday ahead of the PGA Championship, the LIV Golf defector and World No. 4 was asked about Monday’s news that Jimmy Dunne was stepping down from his position on the PGA Tour policy board.

Dunne was the man who helped get the PGA Tour and LIV Golf’s backers, the Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund, to the table to create the June 6 framework agreement, which Rahm has credited as being one of the motivators to his December jump to the rival league. However, progress on finalizing the deal has since slowed.

But when the reporter asked what his reaction was “from the other side,” Rahm wanted to make something clear.

See you guys keep saying ‘the other side’ but I’m still a PGA Tour member, whether suspended or not,” the 2023 Masters winner said. “I still want to support the PGA Tour. And I think that’s an important distinction to make. I don’t feel like I’m on the other side. I’m just not playing there.”

Rahm was hopeful, even after his jump to LIV Golf, that he would be able to defend his three PGA Tour titles before the Masters. He even said not being able to play those events was the “difficult” part of leaving the PGA Tour for LIV Golf.

The PGA, like the other three major championships, is not run by the PGA Tour, making the tournaments the only place where LIV and PGA Tour players play against each other.

But on Golf Channel, immediately following Rahm’s press conference’s airing, the panel on “Live From” took issue with Rahm making that “distinction.” Analyst Eamon Lynch used a metaphor to call Rahm a hypocrite.

It’s not often you hear the arsonists give advice to the firefighters on how to extinguish the blaze and start asking when he can move back into the house,” Lynch said, implying that Rahm and the rest of the LIV golfers were the cause of the current division in the pro game. “If he wanted to support the PGA Tour and present himself as a loyal member as he does, well then don’t be a stooge of the Saudis. Don’t sign up to be a willing leverage point as they attempt to upend or diminish the product that you’re claiming loyalty to.”

Former PGA Tour winner Aaron Oberholser, took it a step further, saying he was so mad at Rahm for his comments he wanted to “wring his neck through the television.”

He recalled that Rahm, before he went to LIV, sought greater influence in the PGA Tour’s decision-making, but now Oberholser is glad he didn’t get it.

“He doesn’t get it,” Oberholser said. “To this day, he doesn’t get it. And this is a guy who wanted a position or wanted to be heard, from what I understand. Either a board position, policy board. He wanted to be heard on this whole thing before he went to LIV. And I feel like he wasn’t as heard as much as he probably should have been.

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