Fans criticize the new Tiger Woods clothing brand after the PGA championship problem.

Woods released Sunday Red earlier this year after the long -term partnership with Nike.

The new Tiger Woodsandy Red Cut brand began criticism after golf faced the problem on the first day of the PGA championship.

The 15 major champions have completed their own lining lines earlier this year after completing long -term and highly profitable partnerships with Nike. Woods was wearing red clothes on the sun day. Since then, on the course and on Thursday, she has been wearing a shirt with pink polo salmon, gray pants, and white hat. The main way to mark the main victory is remarkable.

However, the slight humidity in Kentukka’s air revealed the 48 -year -old sweat from the start of the turn that the Vic material did not work. “I feel like the one thing Sun Day Red should have prioritized is making golf shirts that even Tiger Woods can’t sweat through,” golf writer Gabby Herzig of

Barstool Sports’ Dan Rapaport added: “There’s not a material on Planet Earth that has a chance against Tiger’s sweating on a humid day at a major championship. Absolutely lapping the field in perspiration.”

Woods had warmed up in a sleeveless jumper, but ridded himself of the garment before playing the tenth, his opening hole. The veteran drew 72 rounds and sat 85th at the same level after the first round of the second year.

Like the wood products on Thursday, Polo replicas are shown at the price of $ 120 (£ 95), but the salmon pink version is now tired.

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