Secret revealed:with Rory McIlroy, Jay Monahan, Tiger Woods and the PGA Tour board with illegal business going on with them 😲

Secret revealed:with Rory McIlroy, Jay Monahan, Tiger Woods and the PGA Tour board with illegal business going on with them 😲

On Wednesday morning, shortly after Rory McIlroy’s press conference at the Wells Fargo Championship, GOLF reached out to the PGA Tour curious if they’d have official comment. Wednesday evening we got one, from commissioner Jay Monahan:

“Today’s news is in no way a commentary on Rory’s important perspective and influence. It’s simply a matter of adherence to our governance process by which a Tour player becomes a Board member,” his statement read.

So what was “today’s news?” How’d it involve Monahan, McIlroy, Tiger Woods, Webb Simpson and Patrick Cantlay? Let’s cruise through what happened.

Today’s news” actually began several weeks ago with a report from the Guardian that Webb Simpson would be stepping aside from the PGA Tour Policy Board and Rory McIlroy would be taking his place. That was intriguing because McIlroy had resigned from the board just a few months before. Now he’d be headed back?

II. Nothing happened

For a couple of weeks. There was talk of a vote, but the vote didn’t happen. So there was a report and then there was nothing. That seemed odd. It begged the question: Did relevant people in fact not want McIlroy involved?

III. Rory didn’t join the board

Sorry for spoiling the ending here, but on Wednesday morning McIlroy spoke to assembled media following his morning pro-am at Quail Hollow in Charlotte, N.C., and broke the news: No board return for him. (You can read Sean Zak’s full account here.)

McIlroy described it as “uncomfortable” and “complicated” and “messy.” He added that he thought the process “opened up some old wounds and scar tissue from things that have happened before.” He put his hand up to help, he said, but then things got complicated. No dice. It all sounded rather painful.

So that’s all fine, no hard feelings and we’ll all move on,” he said, seeking a hopeful conclusion.

IV. Webb told his side of the story

The next man at the microphone after McIlroy was, fittingly, Simpson. He lives near Quail Hollow and is playing on a sponsor’s exemption this week and he said the McIlroy maneuver came from a simple place: he just wants to help.

“So his perspective is tremendous to us,” Simpson said. “He’s a global player, always has been, so I just think his views are important, and the other guys feel the same.”

Simpson added that McIlroy didn’t want to cause “any drama or big stories,” but here we are. As for the idea that other board members weren’t comfortable with McIlroy returning? He didn’t see it that way.

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