Shader, who has been coached his entire life by his father, Deion Sanders, faced tough questions heading into the 2025 NFL Draft.

The Colorado phenom has a bright future in the NFL, but there are questions about his abilities – could Shader perform as well under a coach who isn’t his father? With a lot of hype surrounding this young QB, he will have to lead by example to prove those doubters wrong next season. Sheder Sanders, the Buffaloese quarter-rear in Colorado, surpassed most of his teammates last season. He and Travis Hunter were the exceptions of a team that could not win more than 4 wins in their 12 games in total. He is currently projected to be a top-three pick in the 2025 NFL Draft, but fans are wondering if he can successfully execute his talents under a new coach who is not used to Dion’s coaching style. I’m interested in To him.

Shader Sanders could rely on Deion for overall results

Dane Brugler, senior NFL draft analyst at, said Georgia’s Carson Beck, Texas’ Quinn Evers and Colorado’s Shader Sanders are likely to be among the top three picks. But since Shedeur has seen most of his glory with Coach Prime, this is the hesitancy that a fan brought up regarding Shedeur’s NFL career.

A fan emphasized a potential reality where Shedeur could’ve transferred to another team for his last year of eligibility, wanting to show his talent under any other coach who is not Deion. He wrote: “The best thing Sheader Sanders could do was leave Colorado for next season. He needs to prove he can play for someone other than his father, otherwise it will be one of the big question marks on his path to the 2025 NFL Draft. How will he react to a head coach who isn’t his father? “Thus, questions continue to come to light that call into question his credibility as a QB outside of the Boulder world.

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