Tiger Woods and PGA Tour thrown into turmoil over recent resignations

Mark Flaherty became the latest PGA Tour board member to resign, one week after Jimmy Dunn’s resignation, citing lack of progress in LIV Golf’s peace talks.

Flaherty’s resignation was confirmed in a May 19 memo to members from PGA Tour President Jay Monahan. This means that he is the second director who will resign from this role in a week.

Flartorty followed by Rory Makill, the ally of Jimmy Dunn, leaving the door. Mr. Dunn was one of the key architects of Saudi Arabia’s PIF Framework Agreement of June 6, 2023.

He contacted LIV Golf mastermind Yasser Al Rumayyan via WhatsApp and met with influential Saudi businessmen in a series of secret meetings around the world. The move infuriated many prominent golfers, including 15-time world champion Tiger Woods.

Mr. Woods joined the policy council last August and warned people like Mr. Monaghan and his officials that they could never again enter into such agreements without first notifying members. It seems that the parties have reached a slight progress to conclude the world.

Dan mentioned this in his letter about his resignation before the PGA championship last week. He claims his role has become “totally unnecessary”, claims he was snubbed by other players’ directors, and is apparently still angry that the deal was signed in secret.

tiger woods

Woods denied that was the case and claimed he was surprised by Dunn’s decision. Jordan Spieth was also skeptical of Dunn’s claims.

McIlroy, 35, mourned Dunn’s death after his attempts to return to the board and continue negotiations were thwarted. \ “Jimmy was mainly the relationship between the PGA tour and the PIF,” said Makira.

\ “I was very sorry that he had not been involved in the past few months, but this is because of the fact that everything stops for a minute.”

Macirla said that he could wish to agree between the PGA tours, and said that there was no PIF. Flying did not mention Liv’s negotiations in his letter on resignation.

His participation in the board of directors is previously dated to the arrival of LIV. After four and a half years, he wrote: Players, title sponsors, media, tournaments, marketing partners, and volunteers are systematically prioritized.

\ “Furthermore, we thank the dedicated staff of the PGA tour, which supports the Board of Directors and works without knowing fatigue to ensure the perfect execution of our events every week, and is better than the world of golf. I want to provide a product. “Thank you all for your support throughout my tenure on the policy council.

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