🚨🚨 The McLaren team boss has dropped a bold, brutal statement over Max Verstappen’s dominance

🚨🚨 The McLaren team boss has dropped a bold, brutal statement over Max Verstappen’s dominance

“I think there are six or seven drivers on the grid who would be world champions with the Red Bull.

As great as Max is, I don’t think he would win the world championship in any car other than the Red Bull at this point.” 👀

Formula 1 legend Lewis Hamilton might be facing his first setback as a Ferrari driver even before he’s officially started with the team.

And his loss may prove to be a gain for Lando Norris, who could be set to benefit from the twist. That’s after F1 expert Peter Windsor hinted Adrian Newey – who is set to leave Red Bull at the end of the season – might opt for McLaren over Ferrari.

The move would represent a significant shake-up in the F1 world, especially following speculation strongly linking Newey with Ferrari. The formation of a new superpower at Maranello grew following rumours that Mercedes ace Hamilton’s anticipated start in red will coincide with Newey joining him in Italy.

That was the new Lando Norris. He’s super competitive now, and he’s going to win more grands prix, absolutely no doubt,” Windsor commented, praising Norris’s performance. “The way he’s driving. The way McLaren are going as well. Just brilliant.

“Imagine if Adrian Newey goes to McLaren as well. A lot of people saying over the weekend that he’s a shoo-in to go to Ferrari, but he could go to McLaren. It all adds up – [former chief Red Bull engineer] Rob Marshall is there, big mates with [team principal] Zak Brown, [former colleague and engineer] Pete Prod [Peter Prodromou].

“Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri [are] not a bad team of drivers at all! Very near Adrian’s home in the UK. Easy life – go racing historic cars with Zak as well – it would be fun.”

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