Father Stefan compares Xander Schauffele to Tiger Woods and corrects LIV rumors surrounding the PGA Champion

Father Stefan compares Xander Schauffele to Tiger Woods and corrects LIV rumors surrounding the PGA Champion Stefan Compares Xander Schauffele to ‘Stoic’ Tiger Woods Before Shutting Down LIV Rumors Around the PGA ChampionTill May 19th, 2024, Xander Schauffele was known as the best player without a major title! He had many top 10s and 12s in the last twelve majors he competed in but he never came home with silverware. Things changed at Valhalla on Sunday. Schauffele birdied the 18th hole and became a 1-time major champion with the Wanamaker Trophy. This was not only Schauffele’s victory, but of everyone who has been there for him in his career so far, especially his father.Stefan Schauffele has trailed every path of his golf journey with him and he was grateful that his son’s major drought finally ended. With it, he also wanted one more narrative about Schauffele to change or for people to look past it. From denying the LIV Golf deal to comparing him to Tiger Woods, Stefan Schauffele wanted to set the record straight about many things.Stefan Schauffele says Xander Schauffele isn’t the boring guy4,400 miles away from Valhalla, Stefan Schauffele felt every emotion as he watched his son lift the Wanamaker. He was not there to celebrate the win with him but he cried and awaited the bear hug the two always shared. From  Kauai Island, Schauffele Sr. relayed that he wanted people to stop thinking that Xander Schauffele was some aloof guy.“One thing that has bothered me is the idea that Xander is this flaccid, boring guy,” Stefan Schauffele told GOLF.com. He further argued that even Jordan Spieth accepted Schauffele as the locker room’s funniest guy. But when he is on the greens, Schauffele likes to stay focused and not fake anything, thus a serious look always crosses his face.Stefan Schauffele likes to compare his son’s seriousness to that of Tiger Woods. He pointed out, how when the 15x major champion played, he was undistracted and always sharply serious. Stefan Schauffele elaborated on the two pros and said, “Look at Tiger, When Tiger was on the golf course he was this stoic guy. He wouldn’t talk to guys in his group. There was no smile ever. But because he was so prolific people would look beyond that.” He wants similar to happen with Schauffele too. “If Xander wins more frequently maybe that idea that he’s too stoic will go away. And when he jokes around with the press maybe that comes more to the foreground and people actually see him for who he is. I’d like the world to know him as he truly is.” Stefan has played a pivotal role in the golfer’s journey as he has always been his swing coach. He has now taken more of a substitute role in his journey and has given reigns to Chris Como. Like a true father, he expectantly said, “He’s a good guy, my boy.”Regarding changing narratives, Papa Schauffele wanted the golf world to know that his son would never leave the PGA Tour for LIV Golf. He agreed that they were approached with a deal but their interest lies in PGA Tour.Xander Schauffele would never chase money Xander Schauffele has been on the PGA Tour for more than a decade now and the hefty deal has failed to entice the 30-year-old. His father proudly said, “Xander is not chasing the money. Xander is about legacy.” Stefan Schauffele and his son met with them in Saudi Arabia and explained why they wouldn’t accept the offer.Stefan Schauffele said, “If there is no path back to the PGA Tour and if there is no chance at World Ranking points we do not have anything to talk about. Even if you throw hundreds of millions of dollars at him. That word still stands.” Furthermore, he wanted it to be known all around the golf world that there was never a chance and never would be. Stefan Schauffele said, “I am not called The Ogre without reason. I keep my word.”The question of legacy has been a prompt one in the entire LIV Golf vs PGA Tour debate, and even Wyndham Clark, the reigning US Open winner also talked about choosing legacy over money. “My dream is to try to be one of the top players in the world, if not the top player. I just grew up always imagining winning PGA Tour events. So ultimately, I chose my legacy over LIV…that’s really what it came down to,” said Clark.So, there goes the rumors of Schauffele signing a deal down the drain and that he is some emotionless, serious golfer. He just likes to stay true to himself and in his bubble until the win is certain!

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