Exclusive: Watch out Tiger Woods! ‘Married At First Sight’ star Duncan James is cheered on by fellow grooms at a charity golf match in Sydney

Marriage at First Sight’s Duncan James hosted a charity golf round on Friday and looked ready for action on the green.

The 37-year-old cybersecurity expert was ready for his day on the course wearing a navy polo shirt and matching pants. Duncan couldn’t wipe the smile off his face as he confidently grabbed a golf club and proved he was ready to hit the course or be ready for it in a few months.

Duncan and Evelyn move into a new house.

Duncan showed off his friendship on the day with fellow MAFS groom Dan Hanjas, Cameron Woods, Cameron Merchant, Tristan Black and Dean Wells. Duncan and his comrades in Mafe all shared laughter and enjoyed a refreshing drink, as they demonstrated a strong connection, which they formed from the moment of their time on the show.

Married at the first glance Duncan James (in the photo) looked ready for some actions on green when he took a charity round on a golf on Friday

His colleagues-yenkh (in the photo of L-R) Dan Hanjas and Cameron Woods, Comer Cameron, Tristan Black and Dean Wells joined the Partnership show.

37-year-old cybersecurity expert cut out a dashing figure in a dark blue polo-pair with suitable trousers, interpreting confidence and charm when he was preparing for the day on the course

Friends united for a great business, collecting the impressive $ 15,000 for Youngcare, an organization engaged in the support of young Australians with high physical support needs. Duncan, who is no stranger to the ambitious challenges, should embark on an extraordinary adventure this week.

He is preparing to go through the 10 highest peaks in Australia in Kosciuszko National Park. In a 60 -kilometer trip that covers four days, you can see Duncan in front of cold legs when led to the Arashi area.

Bet is not only a testimony of Duncan’s physical endurance, but also a passionate effort to increase the awareness and support of Young Care. Duncan was seen smiling brightly and confidently gripping a golf club, ready to take on the course.

Duncan was surrounded by his MAFS castmates as they shared a laugh and showed off the strong bond they’ve built since appearing on the show (pictured with Cameron Merchant).

Prime Minister Cameron put on a very bold show and looked stylish in a white polo shirt and floral pants

The bride and groom, who previously appeared on the TV show, appeared in a playful manner, posing for photographers between rounds.

At one point, Tristan, who appeared on this season of MAFS, was seen handing a golf club to Cam Woods, who appeared on the show last year.

Together, the group helped raise more than $15,000 for YoungCare.

This week, Duncan is preparing to face “cold feet and wet socks” as he plans to undertake a grueling 60km hike over four days to raise extra funds for charity. ing.

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