Report🥺: Scottie Scheffler aimed a back to back brutal message at the PGA criticizing him as…..

Report🥺: Scottie Scheffler aimed a back to back brutal message at the PGA criticizing him as…..

There’s been no love lost between Rory McIlroy and Patrick Cantlay since they butted heads at the Ryder Cup, and it would appear that feud played a role in the Northern Irishman announcing he will not be rejoining the PGA Tour board just weeks after it appeared to be a done deal.

Rory McIlroy has had plenty of beef on his plate over the past couple of years thanks to his issues with LIV Golf, and in 2023, he got to add an extra helping thanks to what unfolded after the Ryder Cup kicked off in Italy.

some people on there that aren’t comfortable with me coming back on, then I think Webb just stays on and sees out his term…”

McIlroy didn’t explicitly blame Cantlay for blocking his return, but golf reporter Dan Rapaport asserts he’s cemented himself as “the loudest voice in the room” when it comes to his work with the board and suggested it’s very, very likely he was the person who led the charge when it came to challenging Rory’s appointment.

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