Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes are in poor form ahead of this Sunday’s Monaco Grand Prix.

Lewis Hamilton heads to Monaco after consecutive sixth-place finishes.

Lewis Hamilton is more optimistic about the next Monaco Grand Prix than he is about 2022 and 2023, admitting that the last two Mercedes cars “weren’t as good” on the streets of Monte Carlo. Verstappen shows the genuine color in Antonelli’s comments like Mercedes’ photos.

Lewis Hamilton wants the F1 rule to go to the Grand Prix -with Monaco

Hamilton records two best results in the season in the last race in Miami and Imora, and then goes to Monaco with a small urge. There is nothing to make a pair of finish P6-isolated, but after the dark start of this year, it represents two consistent weekend silver arrows. Speaking ahead of the race in Monaco, Hamilton said: “Well we don’t have any upgrades this weekend. We had basically the package spread over two weekends in the last two races. We have the highest level of support, everyone here has it, we have an advanced wing, but otherwise I really don’t know where we would be this weekend.

“I’m definitely more excited about this car than the previous two cars because those two… Not so great. It’s still a work in progress, but I hope it’s at least a lot better than last year. »

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