Golf fans claim LIV Golf made a huge mistake after announcing its latest venue.

LIV Golf has announced the location of his 2024 Team Championship, but golf fans around the world are pointing out a major mistake.

The breakaway league announced Wednesday that it will hold its season finale Sept. 20-22 at Maridor Golf Club in Carrollton, Texas. Regarding the latest news, Greg Norman expressed satisfaction with the venue and said the championship will be a great experience for the Fort Worth community.

“Texas is known for producing and hosting great golfers who set high standards for championships,” he said on the LIV Golf website. “Our LIV Golf Team Championship at Maridor Golf Club will be a great experience for our players and all the fans in attendance.”

However, as several fans have pointed out, LIV may have made a big mistake.

Golf fans highlight Dallas mistakes LIV Golf just made

Several golf fans are pointing to a scheduling error that resulted in the team’s championship being dropped in the middle of the college football season. In addition, Dalas Cowboys should face NFL’s Baltimore Raven. In other words, the attendance of Marida may be affected.

“I’m sorry, Cowboys plays Labers at 3:25 this Sunday this Sunday.”

Another person also emphasizes the conditions of Texas in September. “LIV has a bad plan. With temperatures above 90 degrees expected in Dallas, the Texas Rangers will play a three-game home series this weekend, the Dallas Cowboys will play at home, Texas and Texas A&M will play at home, and TCU will play at home on Friday night. He plans to play at SMU, his high school. Soccer has just begun. There will be no one there. »

LIV is not good at planning. It’s going to be 90+ degree temperatures in Dallas, the Texas Rangers are playing a three-game home series this weekend, the Dallas Cowboys are playing at home, Texas and Texas A&M are playing at home, TCU is playing high school SMU football just started on Friday night, there’s not going to be anybody there. –

The E.J. mirror has been added as follows. “They play in Dallas … Sunday, soccer cowboy? Saturday TCU (& College FB in general)? Rangers BB this weekend. It might be a good idea to play high school football on Friday. There are very few, if any, depictions of LIV. We should have looked outside the United States. ”

Finally, another fan added, “The Cowboys play the Ravens at home on the 22nd.” You are mainly trying to attract fans in the capital of soccer in one of the biggest games this week. It’s just stupid. “”

This is not the first time to plan to get angry with fans

Naturally, this is not the first time that LIV GOLF programming is angry with fans. Following the announcement of the location of the end-of-season individual championship, the golf world was quick to ridicule Chicago’s Bolingbrook Golf Club.

It is important to remember that the league is still in development. The Normans will no doubt learn from their mistakes along the way.

For now, it is unclear what the championship attendance numbers will be after the season ends. Even if LIV’s receipts take a hit, the organization’s leadership is unlikely to make the same mistake again.

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