Golf world reacts to horrible Phil Mickelson news.

Golf world reacts to horrible Phil Mickelson news. Full Details Below Golf world reacts to horrible Phil Mickelson news. Full Details Below The golf world is reacting to terrible news from Phil Mickelson.LIV golf stars Phil Mickelson and Pat Perez have a rather strained relationship due to “unforgivable” behavior that Perez claims Mickelson committed. And now, thanks to Phil Mickelson’s new biography, “Lefty,” we have a better understanding of what that act probably was.According to author Alan Shipnack, who has written a new biography of Mickelson, Mickelson once showed Perez’s wife a “disturbing” photo. “When Pat excused himself to go to the bathroom during dinner, Mickelson allegedly pulled out his cell phone and showed him a photo of himself that made him uncomfortable,” Shipnack wrote in his book, according to the New York Post. I wrote that in the book.When Perez contacted Phil Mickelson in November 2022, Perez called the conduct “inexcusable,” but did not go into detail about Mickelson’s actions. When it comes to Phil, I hate Phil unlike other people,” Perez said on Claude Harmon’s podcast. “People don’t know this story. I won’t say it, but Phil crossed a line that I can never forgive or ignore. he realized his mistake. I’ve known Phil for so long that I can’t forgive him for what he did, even if he apologized. This guy, I’ve known him forever. Furthermore, he knew that when he did this act, he did not just mean to do it.

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