“People Get Mad”: Deion Sanders’ Faithful Highlights Hypocrisy, Claims Criticism for Coach Prime if He Spoke Like Dabo Swinney

The storm of controversies surrounding Deion Sanders for so long finally gets addressed by one of his trusted companions. The story about Xavier Smith’s exit and how he claimed that Coach Prime told him to leave the team left a stain on his legacy, but it is all hypocrisy and nothing else, as per Uncle Neely.

Deion Sanders, the coach for the Colorado Buffaloes, faced a lot of backlash for the alleged mistreatment of Xavier Smith, the former recruit for Colorado back in 2022. Additionally, Smith was brought to tears over how Deion outlandishly told him to leave the team and enter the portal, due to which Coach Prime was termed as a “bully“. Now, one of Deion’s dearest, Uncle Neely, has taken to the stand to protect his image while also pointing out the double standards that exist for the coaches and the players.

On the 24th May episode of ‘Thee Pregame Show’, Uncle Neely was invited by Tolly Carr to talk about all things related to the Colorado Buffaloes. While Uncle Neely was seen discussing the transfer portal and how he doesn’t have any qualms about it, he later arrived to the topic of Deion Sanders and how he was lashed out at by the fans over his comments for Xavier Smith.

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