Reveald:Tour pro still unconvinced by Bryson DeChambeau: “I’ve seen both sides”with the video showing below ⬇️

Reveald:Tour pro still unconvinced by Bryson DeChambeau: “I’ve seen both sides”with the video showing below ⬇️

During his PGA Tour days his unique approach to the game and the fact he sometimes didn’t shout ‘fore’ rubbed some people the wrong way. 

One of those was Brooks Koepka who revealed it was actually DeChambeau’s alleged slow play that sparked their feud. 

DeChambeau has been in the headlines over the last few years but mainly because he was one of the LIV players who took the PGA Tour to court and he’s been complaining about a lack of world ranking points. 

But there is absolutely no denying that he has attempted to give back to the game through his charitable efforts and YouTube videos. 

Say what you want, but in this scribe’s opinion he was absolutely must-watch TV at the 2024 Masters and last week’s PGA

Obviously to Bryson – the issue maybe to Bryson – is that there’s been enough things happen in his career where, you know, it makes you just doubt [him], it gives you a bit more doubt.

“I think with Phil Mickelson he rarely had those instances during his career that made you, certainly publicly, consider whether or not it was genuine and I think for a long, long time everyone believed that this is Phil Mickelson.”

He added: “Listen, of course, I think we’re

Bryson DeChambeau

Pepperell told the pod about the time he and DeChambeau were playing a tournament in Saudi Arabia. 

The Englishman’s luggage got lost and so DeChambeau bought him some toothpaste, along with a few other bits 

He was genuinely very kind,” Pepperell said. “He did it, nobody else did it and he was very nice.”

But on the fairways it was a different story. 

“I played with him a couple of months after that in Mexico and I remember having a conversation with him,” he said. 

“We were having a conversation down one hole and, just mid-conversation [he] just completely cut out and started talking to his caddie about something else as if he was entirely vacant the whole time.

“And so I think I’ve seen both sides of Bryson and I think because he’s a superstar and because he knows he’s a

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