Tiger Woods: It’s not an injury, it’s why Tiger Woods decided to retire

Tiger Woods: It’s not an injury, it’s why Tiger Woods decided to retire. The full text is below.

Tiger Woods said he will know when it’s time to retire from golf.

“No problem,” he said Tuesday in an interview on ESPN Radio’s Scott Van Pelt Show. \ “When I arrive at that my best is not enough, I prepare, train, and prepare myself. My skills have decreased so far. I am. I went ahead, made a signal, and came home.

Woods performed a rebuilding knee surgery one week after the Bret Fabre in Green Bay, one week after a week of victory in the United States in the United States. He said some sports were different from team sports in stopping it. \ “In individual sports, when your skills have decreased, you have nobody to save it,” Woods told Van Pelt. \ “This is one of the reasons I really praise what [Tennis Player] Pete Sampla did. He won the US Open and that was it. ”

Regarding his return to golf, Woods said he has been riding a stationary bike as part of his rehabilitation from his knee injury. He did not say when he would return, but said, “My condition is getting better.” I finally started rehabilitation and started moving this. I’m glad I became active again. \ ”

Woods did not see many of the openings of British in Van Pelt, so just looking at the highlights of Bridgeston Inbiitative last weekend (Woods won six times), this week’s PGA He said he was likely to have won by sitting to see the championship. “You probably won’t see anything like that,” he said. “That upsets me a little bit. It’s a little frustrating that I’ve defended [championship] twice and I can’t defend something I’ve already defended once twice. ”

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