Tiger Woods sent a classy message to Xander Schauffele after he won the PGA Championship.. full details 👇👇

Tiger Woods sent a classy message to Xander Schauffele after he won the PGA Championship.. full details 👇👇

The relationship between former President Bill Clinton and golfer Tiger Woods is said to have gotten off to a rocky start. The alleged feud between the two began in 1997 when Woods declined an invitation to a baseball game with Clinton to commemorate Jackie Robinson’s major league debut as the team’s first black player. Years later, the two met again to go golfing, but Woods allegedly made it a terrible experience. In a biography named after the golfer published in March 2018, authors Jeff Benedict and Armen Keteyian stated that Woods was extremely rude to the 42nd president during a routine game in February 2006, shortly before the doors of the Tiger Woods Training Center opened in Anaheim, California. The 15-time major champion, who has amassed an impressive net worth over the course of his career, reportedly spent most of the game on the phone and even refused to ride in the same cart as Clinton. Additionally, the book alleges that he exhibited other behaviors that are generally frowned upon in the golf community. “After completing a hole, he would regularly leave the green while others were still playing golf. This is a serious violation of golf etiquette,” the passage states. Officials also claimed that it took several months for Mr. Woods to sign an autograph after the outing, after a photo of him and Mr. Clinton was sent. These accusations stand in stark contrast to the series of events Mr. Woods detailed in the months following his meeting with Mr. Clinton. Tiger Woods seemed to enjoy his day on the course with Bill Clinton. While attending a children’s golf clinic in Arkansas in May 2006, Woods talked about Clinton’s golf skills on their day off, sharing the final score: “Woods 4, Clinton 3” (via The Ledger ). “We had a great time, he was a lovely guy to hang out with and a very smart guy. Amazing, what he knew to explain world politics…really amazing. ” His kind words contrasted with his 2018 account of their adventure. Representatives from both parties disputed the book’s explanations.

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