Xander Schauffele talks about Tiger Woods’ ‘incredible’ move after winning PGA Championship

Xander Schauffele’s major championship run at Valhalla was made even sweeter by a stylish message from 15-time major champion Tiger Woods after his win over Bryson DeChambeau.

There are many benefits to winning a major championship. For Xander Schauffele, Tiger Woods’ congratulatory message after winning the PGA Championship on Sunday had to be one of the best. Shaufel finally removed the major on the back, caused a lot of drawbacks on the bed, derived Valhalla and wires, and put Brayson Deshambo in one hit. Six -foot birds who won the 72rd Hall will definitely be a decisive moment in a 30 -year career, and will finally eliminate great titles using their huge talents. The Ryder Cup star joins golf’s elite club and is well placed to move on from his first club and add to his extensive collection over the next few years. But matching his first victory will certainly be difficult, as evidenced by the message he received from 15-time major champion Woods. “You know, he texted me and I think he’s right. He went through all of this himself,” Schauffele told SubPar. “But he sent me an email saying, ‘The whole time you were there, I think you got tougher for that moment.’ And I’m proud of you. That’s unbelievable. I’m so proud of you. ”This is a great message he received from TW.

Before Sunday’s victory, Schauffele had finished in the top 10 in majors 11 times and had the unwanted reputation of being the best player in golf. He admitted that he struggled to control himself as he stood over the winning putt on the 72nd hole. “There’s so many things going through my head: ‘If I do this, I’ll win. If I do this, my life will change. This is what you want for the rest of your life.’ I’ve been thinking so many things. – The more I do my routine, and the longer I do it, the more I think about it.

Schauffele said the feeling of winning at Valhalla only increases his desire to add to his record of big wins, and he looks forward to the U.S. Open as well as Pinehurst 2 and Royal Troon later this summer. He said he is one of the favorites to win the British Open. “I’m more motivated, but that doesn’t mean I’m less motivated,” Schauffele said of Sunday’s win. “It’s like a drug, you just want that feeling to last. I’m lucky. I think my favorite feeling in golf is the chase, regardless of the outcome. “That rush you get when you’re in the competitive stage is why I play golf and why I love this sport in general. I felt a lot of that feeling and winning was incredible. It’s great, but it’s really incredible to play in these big tournaments.

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