You need to hear the story of Gary McCord’s ‘smarta–‘ first Masters TV meeting

You need to hear the story of Gary McCord’s ‘smarta–‘ first Masters TV meeting

As it turns out, it’s pretty easy to broadcast the Masters. If you’re a voice on the CBS Golf broadcast team, odds are pretty good you’ll earn an invite to Augusta National, where the network has broadcast every year for the last 60 years.

It’s harder, however, to keep broadcasting the Masters, as Gary McCord knows well. McCord, the former CBS Sports broadcaster, was famously uninvited from the Masters broadcast after his “bikini wax” comment in 1994.

But now the legendary golf broadcaster says the story of his departure from Augusta National goes back much further than one isolated incident. On this week’s episode of Off Their Rockers, a GOLF production, McCord and guest Jim Nantz told the story of his first-ever Masters TV meeting — a story that nearly ended his Masters broadcasting career before it ever started.

The first thing you have to do when you work at Augusta National is talk to the chairman, which at the time was Hord Hardin,” McCord said. “So Jimmy [Nantz] and [longtime CBS Sports producer Frank Chirkinian] and I go down into the catacombs of Augusta National to the chairman’s office for a meeting.”

You were on one side of the room,” McCord said to Nantz. “I was on the other, Frank was sitting in the middle. We were his two new announcers to the ’86 Masters broadcast.”

As McCord remembers it, the action items were simple: Chairman Hardin wanted to introduce himself to the two men and share some of the Masters’ broadcast rules with them. But the meeting had an air of seriousness to it, and well, McCord didn’t do well with seriousness.

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