Breaking: Grayson Murray cause of death has escalated,and he was poisoned by an opponent called…… full details below ⬇️

Breaking: Grayson Murray cause of death has escalated,and he was poisoned by an opponent called…… full details below ⬇️

Grayson Murray took his own life, confirms parents
PGA Tour pro Grayson Murray is believed to have died from ‘suspected carbon monoxide poisoning after filing his Florida townhouse with toxic exhaust gases’, according to the Daily Mail. 

Palm Beach Gardens Police Department (PBGPD) said on Tuesday there is an ongoing inquiry into Murray’s death, which occurred inside a residence within city limits on Saturday May 25 at around 11am.

Editor’s note: This article contains reference to suicide. If you are experiencing a mental health crisis, please call the national suicide and crisis lifeline in the United States at 988 or visit the 988 Lifeline website. If you are in the UK, then please call NHS 111 or Samaritans 116 123, or visit the NHS website. 

The parents of Murray confirmed their son took his own life in an emotional PGA Tour statement posted on Sunday May 26.

Eric and Terry Murray issued a statement that was posted on the PGA Tour’s social media feed during the final round of the Charles Schwab Challenge.

Murray, who died aged 30, was in the field for last week’s Charles Schwab Challenge but withdrew after 16 holes in the second round. 

Grayson Murray won the Sony Open this season
Per the latest Daily Mail article, Murray is “believed to have left his Land Rover running in his ground-floor garage then headed upstairs as it pumped fumes into the three-story property in Palm Beach Gardens.

“A worried neighbor heard prolonged, noisy revving at around 12:30am Saturday but when he wandered along the street to investigate it had stopped.

“Locals later heard the blare of a carbon monoxide alarm and police were called to the upscale $800,000 home, where Murray lived with his fiancée Christiana Ritchie, 28 at 10:49 am.”

An anonymous neighbor reportedly told the publication: “My thought was maybe it was a kid revving a car. I went outside to investigate but by then there was no sound. What I later heard is that he started the car in the garage and went upstairs. He went to sleep and never woke up. People only found out because the CO alarm kept going off.”

We have spent the last 24 hours trying to come to terms with the fact our son is gone. It’s surreal that we not only have to admit it to ourselves, but that we also have to acknowledge it to the world. It’s a nightmare. 

We have so many questions that have no answers. 

But one. 

Was Grayson loved? The answer is yes. By us, his brother Cameron, his sister Erica, all of his extended family, by his friends, by his fellow players and – it seems – by many of you who are reading this. He was loved and he will be missed. 

We would like to thank the PGA Tour and the entire world of golf for the outpouring of support. Life wasn’t always easy for Grayson, and although he took his own life, we know he rests peacefully now.

Please respect our privacy as we work through this incredible tragedy, and please honor Grayson by being kind to one another. If that becomes his legacy, we could ask for nothing else.

Thank you.

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