Scottie Scheffler:Accused of Cheating To Win Tour Championship, FedEx Cup with a brutal reason below ⬇️

Scottie Scheffler:Accused of Cheating To Win Tour Championship, FedEx Cup with a brutal reason below ⬇️

Rory McIlroy celebrates on the 18th green after winning the TOUR Championship at East Lake GC in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Sam Greenwood via Getty Images)

Fans on social media are accusing Rory McIlroy and the PGA Tour of conspiring to hand the controversial star the FedEx Cup title. The infraction in question occurred on the 18th hole when McIlroy air mailed his second shot into the stands, and saw his ball come to a stop alongside the temporary grandstand structure.

According to the rules, a player is allowed a drop if his swing is impeded, yet many fans are saying his swing was not impeded or McIlroy at least didn’t prove it was.

Rory McIlroy looks on over the 18th green during the final round of the TOUR Championship at East Lake Golf Club in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

“Rory barely even took a halfa** attempt to see if his swing was impeded,” said one commenter on IG.

“That was a bad drop. He could play that shot,” another chimed in.

“You’d think the tour would at least make him swing to see if it was impeded. They just took his word for it,” said another comment.

“Be sure to watch the angle he was swinging too. He was at about a 45 degrees – not swinging straight back – which makes him almost need no space,” wrote a smart commenter.

Ok so how do you give relief from a TIO without changing the angle?

“Nice flying it into the grand stands and getting four drops. Then, a place it in the easiest possible position. The tours good ol’ golden boy!,” said another.

Total bag job. His swing was not impeded. And then four drops to basically tee it up,” added another comment.

“Fishy drop on 18……..don’t believe it, watch it,” another commented.

Rory took an illegal drop on 18

Tour acting like the war is somehow over because Rory gets free drop his way to victory. Will be interesting when everyone is playing at majors and who is getting eyeballs on their regular events.

Know McIlroy plays fast but that was really really fast between the drop and hitting that child.

Really really fast decision to get relief with no video showing the stance and clearly the grandstand not in the way.

McIlroy hits the stands with his 2nd shot, Officals are going to give him relief. They’ll probably let him drop it 2feet from hole. Typical Rory ball in hand

The measures to determine the nearest point of relief by McIlroy on the 72nd hole seemed to be hurried and in error.

McIlroy’s intended swing on his third shot would not have been impeded…

Genius move by @McIlroyRory on the 18th hole drop – dropped as close as he could to the tee mark so the ball would roll outside of the relief area making it possible for him to place the ball after his second drop ??Using the rules to his advantage @PGATOUR

Super sketch drop on 18. Swing really impeded? Drop closer to the holeder

Congrats Rory but I think your drop on 18 was not fair because you couldn’t see your ball in the rough and after the drop you were sitting on top of the grass your ball should have been under the grass as your ball was.

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