BREAKING NEWS: Becomes the Unofficial Tiger Woods’s ‘yapping’ comments on Ninja.

The Tiger Jam started in full swing on May 31st! Tiger Woods and his VIP

guests started with a golf outing at Shadow Creek. Soon after,

the company played poker at the Aria Resort and Casino. Among the celebrities from the golfing world,

musicians, and popular golfers was also Richard Blevins, aka Ninja.The streamer joined the party at both sites and was enjoying golf to the fullest. After the outing, Ninja met Woods,

and he shared what the 48-year-old told him about playing at the range. Of all the things that would have happened at Shadow Creek,

Woods remembered Ninja as someone who talked a lot.The gamer shared on X a picture while talking with the golfing great.

He relayed that at that moment, Woods jokingly told him, “Your the guy who wouldn’t stop yapping at the range.

After the hilarious story was out on social media, the Woods loved the GOAT’s sense of humor and skill to make jokes.

I shit you not, tiger in this picture said “your the guy who wouldn’t stop yapping at the range” The golf fans loved to see the light-hearted side of Woods and decided to make a tad bit more fun of Ninja and his new appearance,

and pulled his leg for the infamous low taper fade meme about the pro gamer

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