Breaking news: Golf Pro Discusses Sudden Death of PGA Winner Grayson Murray

The PGA Golf community is mourning the loss of one of their own. Grayson Murray died on Saturday at the age of 30. His family confirmed the thirty year-old, player took his own life.

“It’s something for us to learn from, mental illness is a very serious thing, it can get very ugly as it did for Grayson, but we can all try to get through it”, said Dave Smith, a Golf Pro and Instructor.
Smith was shocked to learn the news of the young golfer, “I saw Grayson Murray win Hawaii with his cute little fiance as his caddie and I said ‘Isn’t that great for golf?’, very surprising, just tragic.”

Smith said the pressure can be intense in a tournament, but help is available to players. “Everyone has to deal with it, especially on the PGA Tour, they have people, they have psychologists, and dieticians and trainers that help them get through whatever pressure they are feeling out there”, explained Smith.

Still resources don’t make the pressure dissipate. Smith said as an instructor, it’s not just the importance about teaching students about a good golf game, but it’s also about having a well balanced life and that means putting their mental health first. He said it’s important to start the lessons when they are young. “With the younger ones, we try to get them going in a positive experience beyond golf, but as they get better with their swings, maybe some of them start it win, it can be a real whirlwind experience, but it’s a very positive experience, we have to take some positive spin from this, have some mental illness awareness”, said Smith.

Smith said it’s vital to check in on students, friends, and family, “You know take a good look, because you never know, you never know, you take life one day at a time and live the best you can and stay positive.”

If you or someone who you know is struggling with any mental health issues, help is available through the 988 suicide and crisis lifeline.

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