Watch: Robert MacIntyre claims emotional first PGA Tour win with dad as caddy

Robert MacIntyre consults with his caddy and father Dougie as he prepares to tee off at the 18th tee during the final round of the RBC Canadian Open golf tournament. Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports. 

On Sunday, Robert MacIntyre clinched the RBC Canadian Open title, his first PGA Tour victory, with his proud dad and caddy, Dougie MacIntyre, along for the ride. 

With Robert MacIntyre in between caddies, he made an emergency call to his father on Saturday, whom he admitted was out of his depth. Nevertheless, he was on the bag for his son for the first time since 2018.”I’m a grass cutter,” Dougie MacIntyre told CBS Sports.

Robert MacIntyre, now eligible for the Memorial Tournament, U.S. Open and Travelers Championships, confirmed that his dad won’t be caddying for those big events. But that didn’t take away from the unbelievable moment, saying, “I wanted this for my dad.”   

“I’m crying with joy but laughing because I didn’t think it was possible,” Robert MacIntyre said.

Sunday was a day for caddies, apparently.

Earlier in the day, a fan jumped into action following an injury to C.T. Pan’s caddy. Self-professed “golf nut” Paul Emerson took over duties for two holes before being relieved.Not all heroes wear capes, but some wear bibs.

Rory McIlroy shares the one thing he regrets doing.Rory McIlroy has been a part of many high-profile stories in the last few years, from his fights with LIV Golf, to his resignation from the PGA Tour Policy Board and, more recently, his divorce. On Wednesday, McIlroy spoke from the RBC Canadian Open at Hamilton Golf and Country Club in Ontario, Canada. McIlroy admitted to the media that he may have gotten too deeply involved in the PGA Tour-LIV Golf spat. “I think, in hindsight, I wish I hadn’t have gotten involved or not hadn’t gotten involved, hadn’t have gotten as deeply involved in it, and I’ve articulated that,” McIlroy said. McIlroy initially came out as the person who most strongly and publicly criticized LIV and the golfers who left the PGA Tour to join the rival entity. Eventually, the PGA Tour agreed to a major with LIV in order to end their legal fights. The June 2023 agreement took place without McIlroy’s knowledge, leaving him embarrassed and feeling abandoned by the side for which he had fought so strongly. McIlroy stuck out his neck publicly on the PGA Tour’s behalf and against LIV, and created disharmony with many of his colleagues. He also spent a lot of time on the issue rather than working on his game or being with his family, which has all led to him having some regrets. “But in hindsight I wish I hadn’t have gotten as deeply involved as I have,” McIlroy admitted. McIlroy is still currently ranked No. 3 in the Official World Golf Ranking, so he’s doing fine. But he probably wonders what his game and results would look like had he more strictly focused on golf and not the politics of the competing leagues.

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