Report :Jason Day and 5 other Golf Stars are Sanctioned by Masters bosses over inappropriate dress codes.

Report 🥺 :Jason Day and 5 other Golf Stars are Sanctioned by Masters bosses over inappropriate dress codes

The Australian has caught the eye over the past few days with his choice of apparel and on Friday Jason Day was told to remove a certain item of clothing not deemed fit for Augusta National

Jason Day was later seen without the sweater vest

Masters bosses took action and told Jason Day not to wear his sweater vest on Friday because it didn’t fit in with the tournament’s aesthetics and culture.

The first major of the year is held at Augusta National where plenty of traditions remain to this day. For example, patrons, media and golfers are not allowed their phones anywhere within the club’s grounds. In a similar manner, sponsorships and branding are usually kept to a minimum.

It’s why there’s a real lack of hoardings and advertising plastered over the course – the Masters focusses on its own brand and keeps itself as pure as possible. But golfers, of course, do arrive with their own sponsorships. Such as Day.

The Australian joined Malbon after eight years with Nike earlier this year – and his apparel has been somewhat loud at the 2024 tournament. On Thursday, Day’s baggy trousers drew the ire and attention of fans. But that wasn’t all.

On Friday, Day’s sweater vest brought with it a whole new cast of problems. The huge Malbon writing across the front clearly showed the brand’s name and was compared by some online to a packet of cigarettes.

It seems the sponsorship was a little too overt for the liking of Masters bosses, who pulled Day to one side once he had completed the remainder of his unfinished round one on Friday morning. According to Today’s Golfer, Day was told the sleeveless jumper was ‘not appropriate’ at Augusta National.

By the time he arrived for round two a mere few hours later, the sweater vest had gone. Day instead wore a white T-shirt, more in keeping with traditions at Augusta National and its minimalistic vibe.

Day later confirmed the Masters requested him to remove the vest, he said: “Respectfully, you do that because it’s all about the tournament here, and I understand that,” he said. “I respect the tournament. That’s what we’re here to do is try and play and win the green jacket.”

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