Tyler Herro will miss the next few games due to rules violation…

understand that Herro will receive tape for five games because of the rule violation.

We all love a good alliteration.
There is great power in being confident that you have successfully implemented a stylistic device.

You cannot control the story without learning the language.
I have to admit!

However when the NBA’s Board of Governors adopted new rules to prevent load management abuse, things returned to a clear disappointment for everyone involved.

A star player misses too many nationally televised games.
To do this, the league first needed to define what a “star” is.

That is a player who was on an All-Star or All-NBA team in any of the past three seasons.

According to the new rules, 4,444 eligible star players will have to register for nationally broadcast games and tournaments during the new season.

Teams cannot rest multiple stars in the same game, nor can they rest stars only during away games (many fan bases only have one chance to see a guest star play live) .

Healthy and rested players must sit with the team and be visible to fans.

Teams are also prohibited from resting their star players during the season for reasons that “affect the integrity of the game”

Like last season, the Trail Blazers
will be the last of the season set.

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