Collin Morikawa explains why Tiger Woods will never use a golf cart on PGA Tour

It’s no secret that Tiger Woods struggles to navigate golf courses, but according to Collin Morikawa, he will never use a golf cart.

Jack Milko Jack Milko has been playing golf since he was five years old. He has yet to record a hole-in-one, but he did secure an M.A. in Sports Journalism from St. Bonaventure University.
Collin Morikawa spent some quality time with Tiger Woods last week in Las Vegas for ‘Tiger Jam,’ the fundraiser for the TGR Foundation.

Morikawa said the 15-time major can hit any shot he wants to, but as the golfing world knows, the biggest knock on Woods right now is that he struggles to walk for 18 holes—let alone for four straight days.And yet, Morikawa explained why Woods would never request to use a golf cart during a major or a PGA Tour event.

“His ego’s pretty big, as is all of ours,” Morikawa said ahead of the Memorial Tournament.“I just think he wants to keep [playing] until he can’t, and maybe there’s something about a golf cart that’s just ain’t it. I would be taking a golf cart if they allowed me. I would love to.”

The PGA Tour Champions—the circuit for players 50 and older—allows its members to use a golf cart if they receive ADA clearance. Bernhard Langer recently did so, which explains why the 66-year-old can still compete, even though he tore his Achilles in February. Langer also said that he “can’t walk,” and yet, he came close to winning last week at the Principal Charity Classic.

Woods, who is 18 years younger than Langer, uses a cart when practicing at home, but has never utilized one during tournament play. He insists on walking like everyone else, but nobody has to work like he does just to stroll a golf course.But nobody has an ego like Woods, either.


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