Gone Viral for Smoking Habits, Charley Hull Neglected Tiger Woods Over LPGA Legend in a 2022 Confession

Although she was 9th in the Rolex Rankings, Charley Hull apparently got much more public coverage after she was seen singing autographs while smoking a cigarette. This happened at Lancaster during this year’s US Women’s Open, where Hull finished at T19. Hull was recognized and teased as the ‘female John Daly’ for pulling the whole thing so casually. But this is not the only time Hull did something so bold. The English golfer had once ruled out Tiger Woods from her preference list.

In 2022, Charley Hull was featured in an interview with Golf Holidays Direct. During the Quick Question session, Hull was landed with a very crucial pair of golfers to choose from. The interviewer, Conor Pettit, asked, “Tiger Woods or Laura Davis?” And well, Charley Hull did not choose Tiger Woods. Within a few seconds, she chose one of the most eminent female golfers of all time, Laura Davies. She replied, “I’m gonna go Laura I love Laura.”

Laura Davies is one of England’s most revered female golfers with 87 professional wins, including four major titles she earned between 1987 and 1996. Additionally, Davies still holds the title of the most number of wins with 45 titles on the Ladies European Tour. Tiger Woods, on the other hand, is one of the greatest and most popular living legends in the golf industry with 82 professional wins on the Tour including 15 major titles.

However, it was not the statistics and achievement comparisons that made Charley Hull choose Laura Davies over Tiger Woods. She had revealed to The Telegraph her true opinions about Davies. She stated, “She [Laura Davies] is such an exciting golfer. No messing around and throws herself into each shot.”

Moreover, Hull always believed in Laura Davies and wished to become like her. She confessed to pretending to be Davies as a kid. Hull stated, “When I was a kid and I’d go out with the two boys I’d play with, James would want to be Seve [Ballesteros], Daniel would want to be Phil Mickelson and I’d pretend to be Laura Davies.”

But the young Charley Hull might have been extremely thrilled if she knew that, in the future, Davies would have great compliments for her.

Laura Davies thought Charley Hull was the one that the British Games needed
Laura Davies had talked about Charley Hull on more than one occasion. She even complimented the young golfer a decade ago. She said, “The British game needs someone and now I think Charley is the one.” Davies also added, “She’s a daft youngster and she just mucks about but that’s the way she plays her golf.”

Davies also praised an 18-year-old Charley after playing with her in Morocco, where the latter ranked second. She had commented on Hull’s strength, “You don’t get many of the girls to take on these high-risk trouble shots because some of them aren’t strong enough. Charley’s very strong; I’m obviously very strong, and I just thought this girl’s probably going to be very good.” Davies had also commented that Hull played just like her and showed confidence without being cocky. She identified that Hull did not have any weak points

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