Tiger Woods appeared to have had quite a bit to drink during a recent poker night celebrating…

breaking news:Tiger Woods appeared to have had quite a bit to drink during a recent poker night celebrating

Golf fans on X were questioning just how much Tiger Woods had to drink before giving a short interview with poker champ Phil Hellmuth.

The clip was filmed by Hellmuth in Las Vegas over the weekend as big cat hosted his annual ‘Tiger Jam’ which celebrates the work of his foundation.

One of the highlights of the event is Tiger’s Poker Night, attracting A-List celebs.

Over the years, millions of dollars has been raised by the 15-time major champion’s TGR Foundation.

Its mission is to: “Empower students to pursue their passions through education.”

Hellmuth asked Woods to talk about some of its successes.

Through slurred words, the golfer said undoubtedly the biggest success of TGR is simply the stories that kids come back and tell having been presented with opportunities that they otherwise wouldn’t.

“All of a sudden they’re in college flourishing,” he said. “Going to Stanford, Harvard, MIT, Yale and going to amazing places doing to amazing things.”

American streamer Ninja was also one of the attendees of Tiger’s poker night.

Turns out Tiger was giving him some s— on the range earlier in the day.

Tiger’s state clearly caused a stir, with some suggesting at this point he’d had a few.

Whilst Woods appeared to have enjoyed his night, he’s no doubt cutting out alcohol for the foreseeable future as he ramps up his preparations for the 2024 U.S. Open.

Woods, 48, needed a special exemption to get into the major after he failed to qualify for the tournament for the first time in his career.

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