SHOCKING: days after Grayson Murray’s death Rory McIlroy sends threatening message to Murrays mother over debt owed to him, threatens to seize hold of his… Full details below ⬇️

Rory McIlroy, reacting to the death of Grayson Murray, said his thoughts were with his fellow pro’s family.

He then turned introspective.

McIlroy’s comments came Wednesday in a pre-tournament press conference for the Canadian Open, his first public-speaking appearance since Murray’s death was announced Saturday. Murray’s parents said Murray took his own life.

Grayson, and, I mean, it was out there for everyone, his ups and downs. His life was well documented, and the fact that he had lots of great moments and he had some moments that he would love to have done over again, I’m sure.

But like I said in my post, I always felt like he had a really good heart and wanted to help people. I think he was doing that as well by speaking about what he was dealing with.

“I think people realizing that professional athletes that are making lots of money are also dealing with the same things that everyone else deals with, would resonate with a lot of people.

I mean, if that’s going to be his legacy, that’s a pretty great one to leave. That, you know, it’s OK to be not OK. Yeah, I’m thinking about his family and people close to him, because I know it was so sudden, so unexpected.

I know the Tour now will kind of look at how we can be better there, how we can continue to help people like that that are struggling and hopefully avoid this in the future.”

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