Sad: His game has fallen off of a cliff, he’s backing out of major tournaments due to injury…

Jon Rahm has been in the news quite a bit over the last several months, and unfortunately, it hasn’t been for positive things that he’s doing on the course.

Since his controversial decision to leave the PGA Tour after last season and join the LIV Golf Tour, things haven’t been going so great.

His game has fallen off of a cliff, he’s backing out of major tournaments due to injury, and his entire demeanor seems to be as low as we’ve seen in a long time.

With a history of being a hothead, we saw a classic outburst from Rahm this past week at the LIV event.

During his backswing on one particular drive, a drone that was filming the tournament as part of the telecast hovered around and distracted Rahm, causing an errant shot.

An expletive-laced outburst followed.

“Every tournament,” Rahm said. “It’s f—king incredible. Right in my backswing. These fucking drones every time.”

Rahm’s shot ended up going into the penalty area.

Once the video of this trade hit social media, it went viral and garnered over 2 million views. A lot of people had some strong reactions to it, with many finding humor in the fact that Rahm is openly complaining about the league that he willingly chose to join over the PGA Tour.

There is an expectation that the PGA Tour and LIV will join forces soon and reach an agreement, but until that happens, it appears that Rahm will have to continue to deal with all that comes along with being on the LIV Tour.

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