PGA Tour star fights back tears as Amanda Balionis states career-defining achievement

Amanda Balionis added to Davis Thompson’s dream Sunday by outlining the weight of his achievements – and the young golfer was in tears after securing his first PGA Tour win

Davis Thompson was in tears when speaking to CBS golf reporter Amanda Balionis on Sunday after winning the John Deere Classic.

The 25-year-old only turned professional in 2021 but secured his first win on the PGA Tour with a comfortable victory in Silvis, Illinois, earning an entry to the Open Championship. Thompson was already emotional after celebrating with his wife on the course, and couldn’t hold back the tears as Balionis put into words what he’d achieved.

“Davis, you’re known as a player who doesn’t show a whole lot of emotion, until now. Where does this emotion come from?” Balionis initially asked.

“I mean just seeing my wife, it means a lot. I love her so much and I was so thankful she was able to make it,” Thompson replied. “I just tried to stay present all day and when that putt finally went in it was just a big sigh of relief.”

Thompson was wiping tears away when Balionis reminded him it was his first PGA Tour win after just 63 starts, and that he’d secured $1.44 million for coming out on top. Balionis spoke about Thompson’s hard work behind the scenes to improve his game, which has now led to a win on the PGA Tour. It could lead to more success for the young star as he will compete at the final major of the year.

Thompson will now play at the Open on July 18, with the competition being held at Troon in Scotland. Despite the huge reward for Thompson, he said after winning the John Deere Classic: “Qualifying for the Open was just an added incentive into this.”

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