Heartbreaking: Erica stoll in tears in a gripping interview because of CBS sports journalist Amanda Balionis threatening, amid romance rumors with husband… full details below ⬇️👇

Rory McIlroy and CBS reporter Amanda Balionis have sparked romance rumors
The sports journalist, 38, hasn’t been seen with her wedding ring since February

Dressed in a blush top that matched with McIlroy’s own, Balionis giggled, flirted, and fangirled her way through the interview.

Rory McIlroy and CBS reporter Amanda Balionis’s chemistry on the have sparked rumors of a romance between the two
‘What gear did you have to find to assert your dominance once more over Quail Hollow?’ the 34-year-old asked, looking through her lashes as McIlroy beamed back at her.

They stood close. She teased out details of his string of wins.

Later, she asked him to tell her: ‘Physically how good your game feels,’ and fans could be forgiven for wondering just what ‘game’ the blushing reporter was referencing.

Barely 24 hours later, news broke that McIlroy had filed for divorce from wife of seven years Erica Stoll, 36.

But standing in the Charlotte sunshine on May 11, McIlroy appeared happy to bask in this clear adoration.

Balionis pointed out that McIlroy was wearing his ‘Mother’s Day’ pink but, while she asked him to pay tribute to his mother, Rosie, she did not extend the same invitation for him to wax lyrical about Stoll, the mother of his three-year-old daughter, Poppy.

So it was Rosie, not Stoll, whom McIlroy credited as ‘the sort of rock and gel that holds our family together.’

Summing up his mood, McIlroy told Balionis: ‘It feels like the stars are aligning.’

Certainly, when it comes to his relationship with the longtime CBS golf reporter, their chemistry and ease in each other’s presence is clear.

The flirty banter was evident during the Wells Fargo Championship on Mother’s Day, May 12, when Balionis giggled, flirted, and fangirled her way through her interview with the golfer

Dressed in a blush top that matched with McIlroy’s own, Balionis pointed out that he was wearing his ‘Mother’s Day’ pink and asked him to pay tribute to his mother, Rosie, but did not mention his now estranged wife and mom of his three-year-old daughter, Poppy

Social media users have taken note of Balionis’s missing wedding ring, and more recently, her coordinating outfits with McIlroy at the Zurich Classic on April 28 (pictured) and again at the Wells Fargo Championship
And when set alongside the golfer’s impending divorce and questions over the state of Balionis’s own marriage, fans have been quick to join what some say are obvious dots.

Friends close to McIlroy’s estranged wife have said that Stoll felt ‘lonely’ in their marriage and that the couple had effectively been living separate lives for the past two years and while McIlroy played in the PGA tour.

According to the source: ‘She knew what she was getting into with his profession, but once they had Poppy, things really changed, and she had a new perspective.

‘Erica was usually absent for most of his tournaments and was really focused on Poppy.’

And while Stoll stayed home to look after their daughter, Balionis was out on the courses ever present to appreciate McIlroy and co in action and in person.

Speaking to US Weekly an insider said: ‘A point of contention in Rory’s marriage with Erica was that Erica was lonely in their marriage.’

McIlroy as, the source added, is ‘a hard person to be married to.’

But judging from her broad smiles he is not, for Balionis at least, a hard person to be around.

For his part McIlroy seems happy to lend his name and support to causes dear to Balionis’s heart.

In April he took time out of his busy schedule to film a short video supporting Puppies & Golf, the non-profit founded by Balionis in 2020 and aimed at advocating for rescue dogs, rehousing and in some instances retraining them as support animals for veterans.

Filmed at the PGA Zurich Classic in New Orleans, McIlroy showed his support for Balionis’s mission as he petted an adorable crossbreed and said, ‘Hi everyone I’m Rory McIlroy and this is Cuddles.

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