Hours after Helmut Marko named Aston Martin as a candidate to sign the prodigy, Adrian Newey met with Lawrence Stroll.

F2 is all about cutting-edge technology, adrenaline and fearlessness, but like any sport these days, money matters. And Aston Martin owner Lawrence Stroll owns many of them. Adrian Newey announced his retirement from Red Bull this week and was linked with both Aston Martin and Ferrari before the official announcement. And now, days after announcing his departure, he has been spotted with Lawrence Stroll. Adding insult to injury, Helmut Marko had suggested Aston Martin as the frontrunner for Newey.

Rumors of Adrian Newey’s departure from Red Bull have been circulating since the investigation into Christian Horner began, with reports suggesting that the ringleader was unhappy with the ongoing power struggle between the team and Red Bull. Earlier this week, just before the Miami Grand Prix, Red Bull officially announced that Adrian Newey would be leaving the team in the first quarter of 2025.

Many, including Christian Horner, have suggested the aerodynamicist will retire from the sport, but Helmut Marko says Newey still has a chance to remain in F1 with Aston Martin. According to Motor.es, he said: “After thinking for a while, he’ll probably want to race again and he could race for another team instead of us. His strength is always changing the rules correctly and thankfully that’s what he did. It will happen in 2026. Red is a contrast to blue, but I think green can do anything.

The green one here is called Aston Martin. And the day after Helmut Marko’s announcement, Adrian Newey was spotted with Lawrence Stroll in the Miami Grand Prix paddock. It’s rare to see Aston Martin owners on the track. After all, he is a very busy man who takes care of several things. His presence at the Miami Grand Prix and his meeting with Newey suggest a move is possible, or at least being discussed.

Rumor has it that Lawrence Stroll has already offered Adrian Newey $100 million to join Aston Martin. Let’s take a look at what this proposition is and why it is actually true.

Leo Turrini has described Adrian Newey as the Lionel Measi of F1. Now that Newey is available, everyone will want him to join their team. And Lawrence Stroll, who dreams of turning Aston Martin into a championship contender, will not miss the chance to hire perhaps F1’s greatest designer. And while many see Ferrari as the most likely destination for Newey, joining Aston Martin for $100 million could be the ideal move before he retires. be.

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