“I Got Larry” – Charles Barkley jokingly demands a $5,000 fine after revealing his true intentions for his role in “Larry Bird Doctor.” Jay went bankrupt

During his rookie season, Charles Barkley was involved in the infamous brawl between NBA legends Julius Erving and Larry Bird in 1984. Barkley apparently helped Irving take down Bird, but he was later fined. But the Hall of Famer said his role in the game was misunderstood and he should not have been punished. The incident occurred on Nov. 1 during a regular-season game between Irving’s Philadelphia 76ers and Bird’s Boston Celtics. September 9, 1984: After a series of trash talks, Irving’s frustrations boiled over in the third quarter. He shot Bird, which caused a conflict between several players. During the game, Barkley, then a rookie with the Sixers, held Bird down as Irving threw punches. Irving and Byrd were later deported, and those involved were later fined $30,500.

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