I wish my dad could meet Charlie,” Tiger Woods choked up as he guided a teenager like Charlie to start playing golf.

Tiger Woods and his son Charlie (Image via Getty).

Tiger Woods has been making frequent appearances on NBC screens lately. On Tuesday night, April 30, he appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and just hours later, on May 1, he was interviewed by Carson Daly for the Today show.

During his conversation with Daly, Woods addressed several topics related to his family, especially his son Charlie. The 15-time Major champion talked about his relationship with his son and how he tries to apply what he learned from his father, Earl.

“I wish my dad could have met Charlie,” Tiger Woods said. “I wish Charlie could have met my dad. They would have loved each other.”

“It’s amazing how many things I say to my kids that came from him. I’m so happy he was a part of my life and that I get to pass on some of stuff that is in me [because] of him,” he added.

Tiger Woods also talked about the challenge of guiding a teenager like Charlie down the path of golf:

“He listens to me about golf, but anything else outside of that because I ‘don’t know anything else.’ Even then, there is a little pushback in golf, which is totally cool. He’s 15 years old. It’s what happens — it’s what teenagers go through. They’re trying to find their own place in the world.”

Tiger Woods then explained that his daughter Sam doesn’t share the same enthusiasm for golf as Charlie does.

“She [Sam] has … a negative connotation to the game, because when she was growing up, golf ‘took daddy away from her.’ I had to leave, and I’d be gone for weeks. So we developed our own relationship, our own rapport, outside of golf. Meanwhile, my son [Charlie] and I do everything golf related.”

Watch the interview below:

What else did Tiger Woods talk about on the Today show?

Tiger Woods answered questions from Carson Daly about several topics. One of the most relevant was the case of Scottie Scheffler and his current hot streak. Here’s what Woods had to say about Scheffler:

“For Scottie [Scheffler], his iconic foot movement belies what the club is actually doing through the golf ball. How good it is. How stable it is. How solid he hits it. Just stand and watch his ball flight, there’s something different about his.”

“It’s just so consistent and he works it both ways. It’s just a matter of if he putts decent, he’s gonna win. If he putts great, he blows away fields. If he has a bad putting week, he still contends. He’s just that good of a ball striker,” he added.

Woods also recounted the story behind his tradition of wearing red on Sundays, revealing that it was a recommendation from his mother. He then confirmed his intention to adhere to a monthly tournament schedule, with his focus set on participating in the three majors over the next three months.

He also took the opportunity to discuss his new Sun Day Red clothing brand, created in collaboration with TaylorMade. The first collection went on sale at midnight on May 1 and was met with rapid success, quickly selling out.

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