Report:The six-time major winner stated the Saudi chiefs were ‘scary motherf*****s’ (

The six-time major winner stated the Saudi chiefs were ‘scary motherf*****s’ ( 

A potential merger between the PGA, LIV Golf and DP World Tour is still on the cards too, ending years of civil war since the breakaway tour sent shockwaves through the sport. Mickelson and PGA loyalist Rory McIlroy haven’t seen eye-to-eye on LIV Golf but the pair seem to be in agreement on its disruption.

“I know this isn’t a be-all, end-all, but if you look at the TV ratings of the PGA Tour this year, they’re down 20 percent across the board,” he said. “That’s a fifth. That’s big. I would say the numbers on LIV aren’t great either in terms of the people tuning in. I just think with the fighting and everything that’s went on over the past couple years, people are just getting really fatigued of it and it’s turning people off men’s professional golf, and that’s not a good thing for anyone.


It’s going to be really interesting to see how the four major championships do, or even the three because put Augusta aside, I think that sort of lives in its own world. It will be really interesting to see how the major championship numbers fare compared to the other bigger events because there’s an argument to be made if the numbers are better and you’ve got all the best players in the world playing, then there’s an argument to say ‘OK, we need to get this thing back together’.”

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